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No city appeals to the imagination as much as Rome. The Eternal City was the dominant centre of the Western world for a long time, with the result that present-day Rome is in fact one large open-air museum. Those who have not experienced the city yet: go for a visit. Those who have been there before: go back, it is worth it.

Silent witnesses

In the days of the Roman Empire, the Forum Romanum was the centre of power. Nowadays it is an archaeological park consisting of the ruins of a square with various temples, triumphal arches, pillars and trading houses. Behold the silent witnesses of an era in which mighty Rome ruled the world. The Colosseum is also an impressive site. In the largest amphitheatre of the Roman Empire, more than 70,000 Romans ‘enjoyed’ bloody scenes: gladiators fought with wild animals and convicted criminals were executed during theatrical plays. In addition, boxing matches, archery contests and chariot races were organised.

Impressive Rome

The mini-state of Vatican City is seen as the global centre of the Catholic faith. It is known from television, but that is a lot different from walking between all pomp and circumstance yourself. The Vatican Gardens, Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Apostolic Palace with its highlight of the Sistine Chapel: they are all equally impressive. There is no shortage of statues, paintings, maps and frescoes, the one even more beautiful than the other.

Green oasis

Those who want to relax after all these impressions can visit Villa Borghese. This stylish villa accommodates an art gallery with works of Caravaggio. The surrounding park forms a green oasis with a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Finally, it is advisable to throw a coin over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain. According to legend, this guarantees that you will return to the city. A perfect idea, because you never get tired of Rome…