Road work

Road work will take place these months, in order to improve traffic flow to and from Eindhoven Airport and its surrounding areas. Traffic signs will guide you accordingly to and from the airport. Please take extra travel time into account. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Road Work and detours


From Thursday 28 July till Monday 21 August 2022: 

Major traffic disruption/delay due to tunnel being installed
In the period 28 July to 21 August 2022 the tunnel under the A2/N2 will be placed in place. A traffic system will be placed on the A2/N2 for this purpose. This will ensure that traffic is possible in both directions. However, this system will cause considerable traffic disruption/delay because there will be fewer lanes available. There will be three separate detour routes for (car) traffic to Eindhoven Airport. These will be indicated on the spot. It concerns detour routes coming from Tilburg, coming from Den Bosch and coming from Maastricht. Please follow the signs.

Click here (Underpass A2/N2) for more information about the future activities and accessibility.