Road work

Road work will take place this Summer, in order to improve traffic flow to and from Eindhoven Airport and its surrounding areas. Traffic signs will guide you accordingly to and from the airport. Please take extra travel time into account. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Monday June 17th until Tuesday July 2nd

  • The N2 route coming from Anthony Fokkerweg in the direction of Maastricht/Venlo as well as exit 29 coming from 's-Hertogenbosch in the direction of Anthony Fokkerweg will be closed during several nights from Monday June 17th until Tuesday July 2nd (21:00 until 05:00h.) The entry and exit will be closed during the night of June 17th to 18th and the nights of June 28th until July 2nd. Traffic in the direction of Maastricht/Venlo and Eindhoven Airport will be redirected. Please follow the signs for the alternative routes to Eindhoven Airport. 

Monday May 13th until Friday July 5th 

From Monday May 13th until Friday July 5th, one lane for exiting the Airport-area towards the A2/N2 will be closed. Only one lane will remain available. Delays may be expected. Three diversions are in place. Please follow the yellow signs. Please keep extra travel time in mind to get to the airport.

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