Flying to Rijeka

A rich history and industrial looks

Temperate maritime climate

14 degrees

1 hour and 30 minutes

Rijeka is the third largest city and the main port in Croatia. Located on the Adriatic coast, Rijeka is the Rotterdam of former Yugoslavia and feeds a continuous flow of bulk goods through to the hinterland of Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Admire numerous galleries and museums before finishing your day with fresh Croatian brodet stew and paticada.

Places to visit in Rijeka

Strolling along the Riva - the city’s wide boulevard - you’ll pass lots of little side streets that lead into the impressive city centre, where you'll happen upon a diversity of historical buildings, old squares, palaces, museums and shops. Take a seat at a terrace in the sunshine and sample a glass of home-produced Rakija (brandy). Similar to cognac, this beverage is made by the Croats themselves by distilling fermented fruit. Complement it with a delicious slice of salami with paprika, called Kulen in Croatian, and you’ll be near-native in no time!

Discover Rijeka

There are plenty of excursions that will give your stay in Rijeka a special twist. What about joining an exciting search party for truffles in Istria? Or explore the magnificent coastline of the island of Krk. And don't forget Risnjak National Park for an astonishing and enchanting nature experience.

Practical information for your trip to Rijeka

  • The airport is located about 17 kilometres south of Rijeka, on the island of Krk. The Krčki Most bridge is an easy way to reach the Croatian mainland

  • You can officially pay your way in euros from 1 January 2023

  • Car hire is available at airports and in major cities. We recommend booking in advance during the summer months

  • Take your debit card and credit card with you when travelling to Croatia

  • The public transport system in Rijeka is well organised. In summer, you can also use the airport bus. The service takes you to Kraljevica, Rijeka and Opatija

Pictures of Rijeka

Boulevard in Rijeka

Lepinja, soft and fluffy traditional Croatian bread rolls

View from Rječina river

Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Croatia

Flights from Eindhoven Airport to Rijeka airport on the island of Krk are direct with Transavia. The easiest way to reach the Croatian mainland from the airport is over the Krčki Most bridge.

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