Parking Facilities

Eindhoven Airport provides reliable parking facilities in all segments. Already at €7,- per day!. If available and only in case of online reservation.

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Official parking facilities Eindhoven Airport

Please note that both legal and illegal parking companies operate around Eindhoven Airport. Moreover, in the neighbourhood of Meerhoven, near the airport, parked cars are frequently damaged. If you want to park your car close to the passenger terminal, then please use one of the car parks P1 (Gold), P3 (Silver), P4 (Bronze) or P5 (Bronze) at Eindhoven Airport.

Gold Parking (P1)

This car park is located directly in front of the terminal.

Silver Parking (P3)

This car park is located left of the terminal and lies beyond the car rental location. It only takes 5 minutes to walk to the terminal.

Bronze Parking (P4 & P5)

Bronze parking on P4 and P5 is at a 7 minute walk from the terminal.

Kiss & Ride lane

The Kiss & Ride lane is accessible from the roundabout and is meant for dropping off passengers. The Kiss & Ride lane is also available for collecting passengers, however this is only possible when the passengers are standing ready to get in. Parking on the Kiss & Ride lane is not allowed. When your passengers aren't standing ready, you can park in any parking spot on P1. Additionally, the Kiss & Ride lane is convenient for passengers who wish to park in car parks further away from the terminal. By using this lane, you can easily drop off your baggage and fellow passengers and then drive to long-term parking.


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Cancellation conditions

It is possible to cancel your booking when your booking starts tomorrow before 12.00h midday. Please cancel your parkingbooking yourself via the "manage my booking" in your confirmation email. You will receive a full refund.

When you have booked a cancellation insurance you can cancel your booking at the day your booking starts. You can contact us via for a cancellation request. You will receive a full refund.