Parking at Eindhoven Airport

You can park at Eindhoven Airport quickly and easily in one of our official parking areas. But beware: it is busy, so make sure you book your parking spot well in advance so you can start your journey care free.

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Arrange a parking space

Are you coming by car? Then book your parking space well in advance. Be sure of a space and park your car safely, always within walking distance of the terminal. Never come to the airport without a parking reservation, always make a reservation in advance.

When no more parking available

When all parking spaces online indicate that they are full, it means that there is no more parking spaces available. In that case, do not come to the airport by car. Parking is only available when you book in advance. No spaces are kept free for people who drive up. If the parking lots are full then please choose another public transport or ask to be dropped off.

Alternative transportation

There are plenty of other ways to get to Eindhoven airport, like travelling by public transport. It's easy, fast and you get off the bus right in front of the terminal! If the parking lots are full, come by public transport or have someone drop you off at the Kiss & Ride. The Kiss & Ride zone is located on the 1st floor of P1. The first 15 minutes of parking are free of charge. This is possible up to a maximum of once per day per vehicle. This gives you time to calmly unpack your belongings from the car and say goodbye.

So please prepare well when you come to Eindhoven Airport. This way you will start your trip a lot more relaxed and you will be completely ready for take off.