Flying to Oujda

The capital of the Oriental border region

Mediterranean maritime climate

16 degrees

3 hours and 5 minutes

Located in north-eastern Morocco, Oujda sits 15km from the border with Algeria and is the capital of the Oriental region. Oujda is a major trade city with 450,000 inhabitants. It also boast one of Morocco's most important technological centres, Technopol. Tourists in the city are largely drawn to its souks and the old Medina with its grand mosque.

Places to visit in Oujda

In the old town of Oujda, you'll find the old market and the Great Mosque (Jamaa Lakbir) of Oujda. You go through one of the two historical gates, Bab Sidi Abdel Wahab or Bab Al-Gharbi, to get to the old town. Or visit the two squares on Oujda's main street, Place 16 Août and Place 9 Juillet. If you are more interested in exploring Oujda's natural beauty, head to Sidi Yahya and Sidi Maafa. Both the Sidi Yahya oasis and the Sidi Maafa forest area are on the outskirts of the city. The wooded area is located near the Mohammed I University.

Discover Oujda

There are plenty of other interesting sights that are located just a few kilometres outside Oujda. Zouj Bghal, the border crossing with Algeria, is 10 kilometres away. Or visit Saidia, a seaside resort located 60 kilometres from Oujda. And the hot spring at Tafoughalt, in the Beni Snassen mountains, is 70 kilometres from Oujda.

Practical information for your trip to Oujda

  • In Morocco you pay with the Moroccan dirham

  • In Eindhoven it is one hour later than in Morocco

  • The tap water in Morocco is not safe to drink. Make sure to only drink bottled water

  • The emergency number in Morocco is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • You won't need a travel adapter for your trip to Morocco

Pictures of Oujda

Lalla Aicha Municipal Park in Oujda

Oujda by night

Market in Oujda

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You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Oujda in Marocco with JetairFly.

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