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Oujda is located in the northeast of Morocco at about 15 kilometres from the Algerian border. It’s the capital of the Oriental border region and a major trading city with 450,000 inhabitants. The city is home to Technopole, an important technology centre. Tourists mostly visit the souks of the city and the old medina with the Grand Mosque.

Places of interest in Oujda

You can find the old market and the Grand Mosque (Jamaa Lakbir) in the old town of Oujda. To get there, you enter through one of two historic gates, Bab Sidi Abdel Wahab or Bab Al-Gharbi. You can also visit the two squares in the main street of Oujda, Place 16 Août and Place 9 Juillet.

If you’re more interested in the natural beauty of Oujda, go to the oasis of Sidi Yahya and the forest of Sidi Maafa. Both are located on the outskirts of the city. The forest area is also located close to the Mohammed I University.

Sights in the area

There are still more interesting sights just a few kilometres from Oujda. Zouj Bghal, the border crossing with Algeria, is only 10 kilometres away. Saidia, a seaside resort, lies 60 kilometres away. Also worth a visit is Tafoughalt, a hot spring in the Beni-Snassen mountains at 70 kilometres from Oujda.

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