Eindhoven Airport welcomed most passengers ever in 2023


Eindhoven Airport welcomed a total of over 6.8 million passengers (departing and arriving added up) in 2023. This is the highest number of passengers ever. In 2022, the number of passengers totaled 6.3 million. In 2019, over 6.7 million passengers traveled to or from Eindhoven Airport. With nearly 95,000 more passengers than in 2019, 2023 is a record year for Eindhoven Airport. In 2023, the average number of passengers per flight was high.   

The airport facilitated a total of 41,496 flight movements (takeoffs and landings added up) in 2023. Eindhoven Airport had a licensed maximum number of flight movements of 41,500 in 2023. The total annual number of flight movements was 40,252 in 2022 and 41,438 in 2019.  

Eindhoven Airport's total number of destinations was 84 in 2023. The top 3 destinations with the most passengers were: Malaga, London (Stansted) and Alicante. The busiest day was September 15 with a total of 24,597 passengers. The airport looks back on a very successful year in which operations ran smoothly. Also, customer satisfaction was never before so high.