Eindhoven Airport once again chooses CSU as its cleaning partner


CSU will remain Eindhoven Airport's cleaning partner for the next few years as well. This is the outcome of the European tender published by the airport in 2022. Recently, Roel Hellemons, Chief Executive Officer, Mirjam van den Bogaard, Chief Operations Officer of Eindhoven Airport and Ward Kolman, Business Unit Director of CSU, put their signatures under the new contract which will start in April 2023.

CSU has been responsible for cleaning, sanitation and pest control at the airport since 2017. It appeals to Eindhoven Airport that CSU is a people-oriented organization where great value is attached to the employees' job satisfaction. So that everyone feels appreciated, challenged and praised.

Focus on sustainability In addition to the focus on people, the partnership also pays special attention to the environment and the cleaning organization is explicitly committed to making cleaning more sustainable. One of the sustainable and innovative cleaning methods is the use of ozone water, which eliminates the need for cleaning agents. CSU is also fully committed to reducing CO₂ emissions by, for example, installing approximately 30 waste press bins on the outside grounds this year that reduce waste volume by a factor of 5. The use of these bins significantly reduces the use of garbage bags. The number of trips to the compactors also decreases significantly. CSU is also deploying a new scrubber robot that is highly energy-efficient and efficient. CSU provides insight into the cleaning agreements, their environmental impact and the CO₂ reduction of materials, resources and machines with a CO₂ dashboard. The same goes for the company's power consumption and business traffic. This data gives CSU more insight into its footprint and provides the company with steering information.

Donation When signing the contract, CSU offered Eindhoven Airport a donation of 1,000 euros. This amount will benefit the 'Samen voor Eindhoven' foundation. This partner of the airport supports various special projects to promote social infrastructure in the region.

Business Unit Director CSU Ward Kolman is pleased with the continuation of the cooperation with Eindhoven Airport: "Eindhoven Airport and CSU are two innovative organizations that are a good match and work well together in many areas. We continue to continuously inspire and challenge each other to look for those smart and sustainable facility solutions that characterize both our companies and the Brainport Region in which we operate."

Mirjam van den Bogaard, Chief Operations Officer Eindhoven Airport: "CSU has a sharp vision on the development of cleaning, we therefore look forward to continuing the cooperation so that together we can optimize the customer experience even further."