Eindhoven Airport forecast May: 3750 flight movements and 635,000 passengers


Eindhoven Airport expects 3,750 flight movements and a total of about 635,000 passengers (incoming and outgoing added up) in May. That's an average of about 60 departures and 60 arrivals per day. This hardly increases the expected number of flights in May compared to April.   

In April, the airport had 3457 flight movements and 592,410 passengers (incoming and outgoing added together). This meant the number of flight movements was lower than the expected number of 3,600.  The number of passengers was slightly higher than the expected number of 590,000. The reason for the slightly lower number of aircraft movements were cancellations by Transavia due to lack of fleet capacity and the fact that Ryanair did not yet operate all summer season routes.   

The May holiday (last week of April and first week of May) went well partly because of extra staff at Security Check and good preparation for the May holiday. Eindhoven Airport welcomed a total of over 350,000 passengers (incoming and outgoing passengers added up) during the May holiday.  The busiest day was May 5. Then Eindhoven Airport welcomed 24,149 passengers. That is more than the busiest day in the summer of 2022. On August 1, 2022, our airport welcomed 24,046 passengers.