Eindhoven Airport forecast June: 3750 flight movements and 640,000 passengers


Eindhoven Airport expects 3750 flight movements and a total of about 640,000 passengers (incoming and outgoing added up) in June. That's an average of about 60 departures and 60 arrivals per day. This does not increase the expected number of flights in June compared to May. There are days when about 50 flights depart and arrive per day and days when about 70 flights depart and arrive per day. The airport expects the average number of passengers per aircraft to increase slightly in June compared to May.

In June, airlines Aegean and Pegasus will start flights to Athens (twice a week) and Istanbul (3x a week), respectively. Ryanair will fly again to Girona (4x per week) from June 1.

In connection with the UEFA Women's Champions League soccer final at the PSV stadium in Eindhoven, Eindhoven Airport welcomed soccer teams from FC Barcelona and VfL Wolfsburg on June 1. From Barcelona, 450 supporters also traveled to Eindhoven Airport on June 3. The return flights of the teams and supporters also departed from Eindhoven Airport.

In May, the airport had 3816 flight movements and 657,713 passengers (incoming and outgoing added together). This exceeded the expected number of flight movements of 3,750. The number of passengers was also slightly higher than the expected number of 635,000. The busiest day was May 22 with 24,525 passengers (incoming and outgoing added together).

Eindhoven Airport welcomed more passengers in May 2023 with fewer flight movements than in the same month in 2019 (pre-corona). In May 2019, the airport welcomed 649,000 passengers, there were 3871 flight movements that month. On the busiest day in May this year, Eindhoven Airport counted more passengers than in May 2019 (May 2019: 23,394 passengers). Therefore, the occupancy per flight was higher in May this year than in May 2019.