Eindhoven Airport forecast August: 3,944 flight movements and over 651,000 passengers


Eindhoven Airport expects 3,944 flight movements and a total of over 651,000 passengers (inbound and outbound added together) in August. That's an average of about 63 departures and 63 arrivals per day. This keeps the expected number of flights in August at about the level of July.

In July, the airport had 4,007 flight movements and about 665,000 passengers (incoming and outgoing added together). This put the number of flight movements slightly higher than the expected number of 3,950. The number of passengers was also higher than the expected number of 651,000. The busiest day in July was July 31 with 24,554 passengers (inbound and outbound added up).

The summer vacations are busy as usual. The number of passengers in July this year is a fraction above that of July 2019; (about 659,000) the number of aircraft movements last July is about the same number as in July 2019 (4,017). Aircraft are very well occupied. The average occupancy rate is about 90 percent. The airport expects the average number of passengers per aircraft in August to be even slightly higher than in July.