Eindhoven Airport compensates passengers who missed flight due to long queue


Eindhoven Airport will introduce a scheme for passengers who were at the airport on time between 23 May 2022 and 11 August 2022,  but missed their flight due to an exceptional waiting time at security control. Passengers who incurred costs during the aforementioned period because they missed their flight due to a long security control queue can submit a compensation request to the airport until 30 September.   

Passengers can apply for compensation for costs incurred to rebook a flight or for a  replacement flight, for alternative transport if they have chosen to travel to a destination by  other means, or for extra travel costs incurred to travel to Eindhoven Airport or another airport.   

Passengers wishing to submit a compensation request to Eindhoven Airport can download the form for this at Eindhoven Airport will assess any requests received on the basis  of the terms and conditions that have been drawn up. Travellers who have already submitted a claim at Eindhoven Airport do not have to do so again.   Eindhoven Airport will contact these passengers.