Construction of second-hand parking garage on parking lot P3


Commissioned by Eindhoven Airport, a second-hand parking garage is being built on parking lot P3. This parking garage was previously located at Strijp S in Eindhoven (next to the Klokgebouw). The multi-level parking garage will accommodate up to 400 cars. Greenery is incorporated into the facade of the parking facility. Heating has been added in the ramp so that the parking garage can also be used in snow and slippery conditions. Furthermore, an elevator has been added. The elevator house will be built in the same style as that of the P4 parking garage located next to P3. Completion of the new facility is expected in July 2023. The reason for building the additional parking garage- intended for passengers- is to meet the need for parking at the airport.

Illustration: @Vissers&Roelands architects