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Modlin is a village near Warsaw in Poland. It lies on the banks of the rivers Vistula and Narew.

History of Modlin

Until 1918, the city was part of the Russian Empire. During the First World War, the siege of Novogeorgievsk took place here. In the period of 1806-1812, Modlin Fortress was built, which is the largest 19th century fortress in Poland. In 1939, the fortress was made the headquarters of the Modlin army and formed the focal point of the Battle of Modlin. On 18 January 1945, the fortress was occupied by the Red Army. Nowadays, Modlin Fortress is partly in private and partly in military hands, while the buildings not covered by these categories are deserted.

Points of interest in Warsaw

Warsaw is situated about 40 kilometres from Modlin. Warsaw is the proud capital of Poland and, with more than 1.7 million inhabitants, is also the largest city of the country. The Old Town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Royal Castle is a logical starting point for a city tour. After it was blown up in 1944, it was rebuilt as a paragon of baroque architecture. The old Saint John’s Cathedral was heavily damaged and then restored as well. As for the palaces, only one had a lucky escape from the war: the Wilanów Palace. At the Old Town Market Place, stately town houses show their splendour. The Historical Museum of Warsaw is also located here. In the New Town you will find, among others, the Warsaw Uprising Monument. The Krasiński Palace is located a bit further on. It’s marvellously executed in baroque style and is flanked by beautiful palace gardens.

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