Meeting & Business Lounge

Use your time wise as a business traveler in the business lounge

As a business traveler you want to make the most of your time. We can imagine that waiting for a flight is the last thing you need. To ensure you can  work efficiently and that you can relax before your trip, you will find a  business lounge at Eindhoven Airport. Since december 2019 you can continue working undisturbed while you wait in our business lounge!


In our terminal we offer free and fast WiFi.

Where can I find the business lounge?

You will find the Eindhoven Airport business lounge after the security check on the first floor, next to the Starbucks. If you can't find it, there are always employees at the airport ready to guide you.

What are the opening hours?

The opening hours of the business lounge are: Monday       05:30h-20:30h Tuesday           05:30h-20:30h Wednesday      08:30h-16:00h Thursday        05:30h-20:30h Friday          05:30h-20:30h Saturday          08:15h-15:30h Sunday        10:00h-18:30h

When do I have access to the business lounge?

If you have an online ticket or when you buy a ticket at the counter of the business lounge, you have access to the business lounge. Are you a minor? Then you only get access to the business lounge when accompanied by an adult. With the following memberships you have access to the business lounge:

  • Aspire Lounge Annual membership

  • ABN AMRO Mees Pierson

  • Priority Pass

  • Loungekey

  • Dinersclub

  • Lounge Pass

  • Dragonpass

  • Privium  

Please click here for a complete overview of the memberships with access to the business lounge.

What are the costs of staying in the business lounge?

Entrance to the Business Lounge costs €30.00. Please note: if you buy an entrance ticket at the door, there is a change the business lounge is fully booked.

The business lounge and Privium

If you are a Privium member at Schiphol Airport, you have free access to the Aspire lounge at Eindhoven Airport. As a Privium Partner member, you may also enter the lounge free of charge, this is only possible when travelling together with a Privium Plus member. Other guests of Privium Plus members may enter the lounge with a reduced price of € 18.50 p.p.

Facilities at the business lounge

You will be warmly welcomed at our reception desk. Choose one of the 60 seats or have a bite to eat at our buffet. During the whole day you will find the most delicious fresh sandwiches, salads and hot drinks. In the business lounge you will have every opportunity to answer your e-mails undisturbed, to spar with your fellow traveler or to relax before your trip. 


Eindhoven Airport is centrally located and easily accessible, a perfect location to receive your guests. The Business Centre is situated on the first floor and consists of a spacious foyer with a reception desk and five rooms of varying size. Various catering packages mix business with pleasure. The adjoining panorama terrace offers a grand view over the apron and runway.

Moreover, you can use your own laptop to log on to our free wireless internet. Or you can read a newspaper and enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait for your flight departure.

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