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Magical Marrakesh

  • Mediterranean climate
  • 3 hours and 45 minutes
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Marrakesh, the second largest city of Morocco, is situated at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. 800,000 people live in the ‘Red city’. Red is the colour of life, warmth and passion; a fitting colour for this enchanting world.

Wondrous figures

Marrakesh consists of a medina (Old Town) and a modern part. The streets are often narrow and are interrupted by souks, market places where especially handicrafts are sold. Those who wish to buy something here must haggle, which is completely accepted and also expected by the vendors. It is always a challenging game to reduce the price to a level acceptable for both parties. A special market is Djemaa el Fna, where, among others, textile products are sold. The most wondrous figures can be seen here, such as story tellers, magicians, tooth pullers and snake charmers. Sitting on a terrace with a cool drink, this square offers a dynamic spectacle that keeps fascinating.

Cooling down

Marrakesh has a land climate and it can become pretty warm in summer. You can cool down, however, in the many parks and gardens. These are all pleasant places to relax. Once cooled down, the Marrakesh Museum in the Dar Menebhi Palace awaits. The collection consists of traditional and modern art, but the building itself is also worthwhile. The sitting areas, the courtyard with fountain and the exuberant tiles and wood carvings show what Andalusian architecture is all about.

Food & tea

Djemaa el Fna accommodates many stalls with traditional, delicious and cheap Moroccan food. In the medina you will find bistros and restaurants with French cuisine, a reminder of the colonial era. The most widely consumed beverage is tea, also called Berber whiskey. Whatever the occasion is, tea is always an appropriate choice.