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A holiday in the sun is often synonymous with hordes of tourists, an excess of cold neon signs and intrusive beach sellers. Whereas you have come for peace and quiet! Lanzarote proves that things can be different…

Oasis of tranquillity

Lanzarote is the most northerly of the Canary Islands. This Spanish island group, located west of Morocco, is named after the Latin word for dog: canis. In the past large, wild dogs lived here, but rest assured: these are no longer there. Lanzarote is now characterised by a relaxed atmosphere and is an oasis of tranquillity. This is also the result of the climate: it hardly ever rains and the average temperatures are nearly always between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. This means enjoyable sunbathing without oppressive temperatures.

Lunar landscape in Lanzarote

But there is more than just the beach. Lanzarote is a volcanic island and that has created a particularly hilly landscape with craters, volcanic cones and lava fields. Sometimes it is almost like walking in a lunar landscape, an experience that is unreal. The forces of nature are also clearly visible underwater. Volcanic activities have made the island a beautiful diving destination, also for the more experienced diver. The water is crystal clear and has a constant temperature, and marine life has a high degree of biodiversity.

Authentic Lanzarote

Tourist brochures quite often cite ‘authentic atmosphere elements’, but in Lanzarote you will actually experience it. The artist/architect César Manrique in particular has done much to preserve the original character. That is why you will not see any loud advertisements, why buildings have pristine white walls and why people are just a bit friendlier. Come to Lanzarote, relax and experience it for yourself…