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Flying to Kos

Beauty by the Aegean Sea

Mediterranean maritime climate

17 degrees

4 hours and 30 minutes

Sun worshippers come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, Kos can cater to them all. Young and old, couples and families, nightlife or culture lovers: Kos has something for everyone. Kos is one of the most popular holiday destinations and attracts about 700,000 tourists each year, 15% of whom are from the Netherlands.


Places to visit in Kos

Completely unwind at the Embrós Thérme thermal springs on the south-eastern coast of Kos. The hot water mixed with the sea water gives it a temperature of around forty degrees. This very popular natural spa has a distinctive sulphur smell and is said to have healing powers. The village of Ziá, located in the Dikeos Mountains, is one of the must-see attractions on the island. You'll find all kinds of local products and it's a great place to enjoy wonderful and authentic Greek food. Moreover, the panoramic views from Ziá over the island of Kos are simply majestic.


Discover Kos

The Greek island of Kos is located in the Aegean Sea, not far off the coast of Turkey, at Bodrum. It is home to just 35,000 people and has a coastline of 112 kilometres that is packed with beautiful sandy beaches. The capital of Kos is Kos Town and a popular destination for holidaymakers. It's a large seaside resort with bustling boulevards, shops, bars and discos. But there are also plenty of classical sights to admire, such as the ruins of Agora, the Temple of Heracles and the Castle of the Knights of the Order of St. John. World famous is the Plane Tree of Hippocrates, the seed of which is said to have been put in the earth by the great Greek physician himself. There are several other popular seaside resorts to stay besides Kos Town. Each of them offers spectacular sandy beaches, but each also has its own character.

Practical information for your trip to Kos

  • Kos is only 320 km² and is therefore ideal for day trips. The island's small size makes it easy to navigate by hire car, or even by bicycle

  • The emergency number in Greece is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • You pay with euros in Greece

  • In Greece it is one hour later than in Eindhoven

  • You don't need a travel adapter in Greece

Pictures of Kos

Traditional slippers in Kos

Lively bar in Kos

Drying octopus in Kos


Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Kos

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Kos in Greece with Transavia.

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