"Its still impressive how planes take off and land"

“As a child, I used to go to the Welschapsedijk with my parents to watch the aeroplanes. It was a great place to see the planes up close,” says Hans van de Molengraft from Zeelst. His love of aircraft has never dwindled and he still regularly goes out to spot them - also with his family - from the Eindhoven Airport's panoramic terrace or at SchippersStop. “I still find it impressive how planes take off and land,” he says. A resident of nearby Veldhoven, he flies from Eindhoven Airport once a year. He enjoys living close to the airport, especially since it is so easy and quick to get to the airport by bus. He doesn't really experience any inconvenience. “Of course you can sometimes hear planes flying over, but you also hear the traffic if you live near a highway or a railway line.” But he also understands the people who experience it differently. “It's important for the economy of Eindhoven that there is an airport, but noise needs to be limited as much as possible. It is all about balance.”