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‘If the world was a single state, Istanbul would be its capital’ (Napoleon Bonaparte)

  • Mediterranean climate
  • 3 hours and 15 minutes
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A special city is located literally at the border of Asia and Europe. Once the proud capital of the Byzantine Empire, it is nowadays a modern metropolis with 13 million inhabitants. In Istanbul, East and West go hand in hand. It is impossible to explain: you must experience it for yourself.

Hundreds of mosques

Many books can be written about the sights of Istanbul. There are many palaces, castles, gates, museums, synagogues and monuments. In addition, there are hundreds of mosques, of which the Süleymaniye Mosque and the Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque) are the most famous. The latter is not blue on the outside – as many believe – but blue on the inside: 20,000 hand painted tiles colour the interior. The Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazar) is world famous as well. This huge covered market consists of about 60 streets and 1,200 shops that mostly sell jewellery, pottery, carpets and spices.

Romantic Instanbul

Those who wish to dream away in the atmosphere of ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ should certainly visit Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahçe Palace. A romantic boat trip on the Bosphorus to the Princes Islands is also a good idea. Cars are not permitted there, which has created a streetscape of horses, carriages and bicycles.

Night life

In conclusion the night life: in a world city such as Istanbul this is well developed and takes place at various, sometimes differing locations. Luxury clubs are generally found on rooftop terraces of top flats where a phenomenal view is guaranteed. Cheaper options can be found in the streets of İstiklal Caddesi en Reassürans Pasajı. In summer, parties are continuously organised at the seaside.

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