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  • Moderate continental climate
  • 2 hours and 40 minutes
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Iaşi – pronounced yash – is a famed educational centre. In recent centuries, the former capital of the region of Moldavia has grown to become Romania’s third largest city and boasts over 50 orthodox churches, making Iaşi highly valued by the orthodox community. Admirers of Neo-Gothic architecture will be in their element in this city.

Rugged nature and fantastic wildlife

You needn’t travel to the other side of the world to find stunning nature reserves and spot wildlife. Romania has fantastic hillscapes and mountains, with the Carpathian mountains spanning no less than one third of the country. What’s more, Romania is well known for having the highest lynx, wolf and bear populations in Europe. So there’s a fair chance you’ll spot one if you head out into the wild!

Iaşi highlights

The five state universities in Iaşi's centre are testament to this city’s role as an educational hub. Each year, thousands of students from all over the world attend them to study in the heart of Moldavia. Iaşi also has much to offer lovers of art and architecture: the city is full of Neo-Gothic palaces and another exceptional buildings that give it a chic feel. Admire the different rooms in the Palace of Culture and explore the various museums within the palace.

From Iaşi to Romania’s major cities

Seeking real adventure? Expand your stay in Iaşi and use public transport to travel from city to city! You can reach the capital Bucharest by passenger train in around seven hours. A long but beautiful ride through the rich and fairy-tale landscape of Romania. Where will you head to first?

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