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The ultimate vacation feeling

  • Desert climate
  • 4 hours and 20 minutes
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Hurghada is Egypt’s best-known and most popular holiday destination. It is a beautiful seaside resort in the south of Egypt on the Red Sea, a high-quality destination with low prices, and – let’s not forget – with beautiful weather!


For many years Hurghada has been building to meet all possible conveniences of holidaymakers. The all-inclusive resorts, in combination with the tropical beaches, azure blue sea and wonderful coral reefs give you the ultimate holiday feeling. Besides the resorts, there is also a lot to experience in the city itself. There are about a thousand small shops with an incredible range of souvenirs to visit, and in the evenings you can dine in one of the cosy restaurants.


There are several excursions from Hurghada. Although it takes a while to get there by bus, it would be a pity to miss out on the world-famous relics of the pharaonic period of Egypt. The pyramids are, without a doubt, the most famous relics from the past. An excursion to the pyramids of Giza usually includes a visit to the Egyptian museums. Another possibility is to combine the excursion with a visit to the old Islamic city centre of Cairo. Or you can visit Aswan, which is known for its giant dam and Lake Nasser. During a visit to Aswan you should not skip Abu Simbel. This temple of Ramses II was under threat from the rising water of Lake Nasser and could only be saved in a huge rescue operation by the United Nations. For this purpose, the entire temple had to be disassembled and reconstructed at a new site.

In short, there are plenty of possibilities to enjoy your time in Hurghada.