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Flying to Hurghada

Red Sea beach resort

Desert climate

18 degrees

4 hours and 20 minutes

Hurghada is probably the best known and most popular holiday destination in historical Egypt. It is a beautiful seaside town in the south of Egypt and directly on the Red Sea, offering high quality at low prices, and always gloriously sunny weather!


Places to discover in Hurghada

Right next to the marina, in the heart of Hurghada, is the El Mina Mosque. This is the most popular tourist attraction of Hurghada. The Hurghada Aquarium offers an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself among the amazing variety of marine life in the Red Sea. Children and adults alike can learn how to identify different species and discover where to spot them while snorkelling or diving along the reef. Every day there is a bustling market in Hurghada's old town. The market is called El-Dahar and has the characteristics of a traditional Egyptian bazaar. You'll find products ranging from brassware to furniture and even pack mules.


Discover Hurghada and its surroundings

Hurghada has spent many years building a destination that fulfils virtually every wish of holidaymakers. The all-inclusive resorts combined with the tropical beaches, clear blue sea and magnificent coral reefs give you the ultimate holiday feeling.
 Apart from the resorts, there is a lot to do in the city itself. Need some time away from the sun and beach? You can book a variety of excursions from Hurghada. It's the chance of a lifetime to explore the world-famous remains of Egypt's Pharaonic period. An excursion to the Pyramids of Giza usually includes a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Another possibility is to combine the tour with a visit to Cairo's old Islamic city centre. Or travel to Aswan, known for its gigantic dam and Lake Nasser.

Practical information for your trip to Hurghada

  • You cannot drink the tap water in Egypt. So make sure you only drink bottled water

  • You need a tourist visa when travelling to Egypt

  • There is no time difference between Egypt and Eindhoven during the summer months. When Europe goes back to winter time, Egypt is one hour ahead

  • The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound

  • You don't need a travel adapter when visiting Egypt

Pictures of Hurghada

Quad safari in Hurghada

Camel in Hurghada

Hurghada boulevard


Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Hurghada

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Hurghada in Egypt with Transavia and TUI.

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