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Gran Canaria

Sun, beach and Columbus

  • Tropical climate
  • 4 hours and 40 minutes
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The name gives it away: those who go to Gran Canaria travel to a place with an agreeable climate. A holiday in the sun, among the Canarians.

Less touristic

Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria and is located on the north side of this volcanic island. Due to the trade winds and the inland mountains it is slightly more humid here than in the south. Most tourists therefore prefer the south side which is drier and sunnier. Las Palmas is relatively less touristic, but for that reason all the more popular with Canarians.

Visiting Columbus

In the city centre, Saint Anne’s Cathedral is worth a visit. In the square outside the cathedral there are eight bronze statues of dogs, a reference to the name of the Canary Islands (canis means ‘dog’). Various buildings in Renaissance style line the square, just like the old town hall Casa Consistorial. The former house of no one less than Christopher Columbus is located in the same district: Casa de Colón. It was built in 1777 and has been a museum since 1952. Here you will learn everything about the story behind this world famous explorer and about the history of the island.


Gran Canaria is a good destination for those who like to be among the locals. In comparison to the south, the possibilities are similar: the beach (Playa de las Canteras) is equally beautiful, the harbour (Puerto de la Luz) is equally impressive, and terraces abound here as well.