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  • Temperate maritime climate
  • 1 hour and 40 minutes
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Gdańsk knows what it has to offer: a beautiful city centre, an elongated beach and a green hinterland. ‘It happened in Gdánsk’ is the slogan of the local tourist information office. This may well be turned into present tense.

Hanseatic city

Gdańsk, capital of the province of Pomerania, is situated at the Polish Baltic Sea. It is a city with a history that goes back more than a thousand years and in which trade forms the main thread. Gdańsk (formerly Danzig) is located at a junction of roads, both on land and on water. As a Hanseatic city, Gdańsk therefore cooperated with other cities along the Baltic Sea for a long time. This has left a beautiful heritage in the form of constructions such as the Golden Gate, the Green Gate and Artus Court, a meeting place for merchants.

Six kilometres of beach

From Gdańsk, the seaside resort of Sopot is easy to reach. The beach is six kilometres long and catering establishments are present everywhere. There are also several walking and cycling routes in the area. Shopaholics do not need to worry. Although the city centre has only a few shops, the shopping centres have all the more. In Manhattan the offer is huge, from small household goods to trendy fashion. Those who cannot succeed here, still have a chance in Galaria Baltyck with more than 200 shops under one roof. Besides Polish shops, you will also find the big European fashion chains here. Walking, shopping or relaxing on the beach: it is all possible in Gdańsk.

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