Food & drinks

In addition to a full range of shops, you can find several takeaway shops and an à la carte restaurant at Eindhoven Airport.

AH to go

AH to go has many fresh product like coffee and tea to go, sandwiches, fresh salads, fruit, dairy products, fresh juices and smoothies. Easily packed and ready to eat! Croissants, cookies and breads come right out of the oven, because they’re baked fresh every day. Furthermore there is a wide variety of ready-to-eat meals. Naturally all of the products have an excellent quality.

Farm Food + Drinks

You can find Farm Food in several places at the airport for an intense coffee, heavy sandwich or just a general meal. All prepared with authentic and pure product by professionals who have love for their work. Come and experience the power of the source and taste the flavor of Brabant.


Upstairs is the bar of Tulip Inn Eindhoven Airport and is located on the first floor of the terminal. Enjoy a wonderful overview of the terminal with a delicious drink. Upstairs is for young and old , party or company and also for anyone not staying overnight at the hotel.

Tulip Inn Eindhoven Airport

In the restaurant of Tulip Inn Eindhoven Airport, located on the 2nd floor, you can enjoy a breakfast buffet. All you can eat, cereals, fresh fruit, yogurt, bread, toast, fresh coffee / tea and juices.

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee Company is dedicated to selling and branding  the highest quality of Arabica coffee in a sustainable way, since 1971. Today, with more than 18,000 stores in 62 countries, including Eindhoven Airport!