Read more about our smoke policy and the facilities Eindhoven Airport offers like room for baby care

Smoking policy

Passengers wanting to smoke a cigarette before boarding the plane will have to go outside the terminal to do so. Eindhoven Airport strives to offer a safe smoke-free environment to its visitors and passengers. The terminal of Eindhoven Airport has become a smoke-free terminal. Smoking is only permitted at the forecourt of the terminal and is forbidden in the terminal, on the terraces and the apron. This means that there is no facility for smoking once you have passed the security check. Smoking in the parking garages and at the busstation is also not permitted. The same policy applies to vaping.

Eindhoven Airport provides a large number of facilities.


You can withdraw money at Eindhoven Airport at the ATMs before and after security.

Baggage trolleys

Baggage trolleys are available near the payment machines at P1, P3, P4 and P5, at the Kiss & Ride lane and at various places in and around the terminal. Use of the trolleys requires a coin deposit of € 1,- or € 2,-.

Baby care

Baby care facilities are available on the ground floor and first floor of the terminal. Baby care is available in the terminal. A changing pad is available in each sanitary group in both the ladies and the gentlemen restrooms.


For travelers who want to start their journey without stress and well rested, there is the possibility of a full body massage at Eindhoven Airport. These units have been designed especially for Eindhoven Airport. 2 euro gives the traveler a wonderful 5-minute massage. The Massage-O-Matic units are 24 hours a day available. The session is being supported by a movie with relaxing images and music. The 2 units are located after the security check on the first floor and are open during the opening hours of the terminal.

Meditation centre

Do you need a moment of rest and reflection? Do you want to pray or meditate? Travel can be accompanied by emotions and different feelings. Whether you are a believer or not, a moment of peace and quiet can help. You are most welcome in the prayer room at Eindhoven Airport. This prayer room has been set up by the Council of Churches of Eindhoven in collaboration with the Interreligious Platform Eindhoven. The meditation centre is located on the first floor in the terminal and is indicated on the signage starting at the escalator.

Photo booth

Need an official passport photo? At the Photo-Me photo booths, you can take a passport photo within minutes that fully meets the current requirements for an official passport photo. These requirements have been drawn up by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In addition, you take the best fun photos. Capture beautiful photos together or alone. For more information click here. You will find the photo booth on the first floor of the terminal, just in front of the business center.