Everything about liquids in your hand luggage

Carrying liquids in your hand luggage is subject to a number of specific rules that apply to all airports within the European Union. What are these rules?

Listing the rules

Since the arrival of the new CT scanners at Eindhoven Airport, it has been permitted to take liquids in your hand luggage bigger than 100 ml. The liquids no longer have to be removed from your luggage, but can remain in it. Please note that not all airports have these CT scanners. Therefore, other airports may not allow liquids larger than 100 ml and may require them to be in a transparent bag of no more than 1 litre. Therefore, always check the information at the relevant airport.

Medication and Diet Supplements

If you need essential medication or dietary foods during the flight, then these are allowed. You can prove these are essential by means of a doctor's note.

More information?

If you doubt if a product or item may be carried on board as hand luggage, then please check the list of prohibited hand luggage items, which is drawn up by the EU.

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