Eindhoven Airport will differentiate its charges in order to stimulate airlines to use quieter airplanes and airplanes with lower emissions

Airlines flying to Eindhoven Airport will pay a lower landing and takeoff charge from April 1, 2023 if they use aircraft with lower Noise and emit less CO2. They also pay less if they fly with aircraft that emit less nitrogen oxides. A lower rate also applies if they fly during the day instead of early morning or evening hours. With this, Eindhoven Airport is taking an important step in further reducing noise pollution for local residents and reducing emissions.

With the new method for calculating the so-called Sustainable Landing & Take-Off charge, Eindhoven Airport will become a leader who took all these parameters for Landing and Take-Off charge calculation and by doing so it is encouraging airlines to renew their fleets. The airport also encourages airlines to fly to/from Eindhoven Airport with quieter airplanes and airplanes with lower emissions. They are also encouraged to fly in the period with the least inconvenience to local residents. In addition, the new method contributes to the realization of the agreements to which Eindhoven Airport has committed itself following the advice 'Reconnected' by Pieter van Geel to substantially reduce noise pollution towards 2030. This must be done primarily through fleet renewal.

In order to reduce nuisance, since the end of October 2020 it is no longer allowed to plan landings after 11 p.m.. Scheduled takeoffs were already off after that time. The airport has long been committed to improving air quality and reducing CO2 emissions. Many vehicles and equipment on the apron, such as pushback vehicles, baggage tractors and aircraft stairs, are already electric (instead of diesel-powered). By 2030, all diesel-powered vehicles and equipment will be replaced by electric ones. To further reduce emissions, Eindhoven Airport aims to switch to a fully sustainable energy supply. This should be done by generating more energy itself and by using sustainable electricity generated in the vicinity of the airport. To reduce emissions and noise, a trial was recently started in which aircraft at Eindhoven Airport cab sustainably (on one engine). Eindhoven Airport is also committed to mixing kerosene with sustainable fuel.