Eindhoven Airport is working on a greener and more sustainable airport area

Close to a hundred Brabant pines, birches and other trees that are native to Brabant adorn the forecourt and the walkway towards the terminal of Eindhoven Airport. Together with the grasses, perennials, shrubs and the lawn, they paint a beautiful picture and create biodiversity. The next step is the greening of the entire airport area. Eindhoven Airport is one of the initiators in the area that is committed to creating a greener landscape. The airport therefore plays a key role in enhancing the environmental appeal of the surrounding area.

For example, Eindhoven Airport is closely involved in the forthcoming transformation of the area, which includes the adjacent business park, Eindhoven Air Base and Business Park Flight Forum. These parties, property owners and tenants want to transform ‘Eindhoven Airport District’ into a vibrant, internationally oriented, sustainable and green area by 2040. One of the plans currently being drafted is to establish more green public spaces between the airport and Flight Forum. Adding more trees and greenery will make the area more attractive to occupants and visitors. Furthermore, we encourage entrepreneurs and building owners to make their immediate surroundings greener. Included in the task of adding more greenery to the airport area is establishing a natural connection with the nearby Van Gogh National Park. And Eindhoven Airport also uses every opportunity to plant more greenery on its own grounds.  Among other things, there are plans for greening a large car park near the terminal.

World Trade Centre

The airport is also investigating the viability of constructing a World Trade Centre (WTC). Inside the building on the Luchthavenweg, different functions would be housed under one roof. The idea is to create a WTC that is a landmark in the area, and thus significantly contributes to making 'Eindhoven Airport District' attractive for enterprises. Eindhoven Airport is also involved in improving the infrastructure in the area.

In addition to the airport's efforts to establish a greener landscape and to improve the road structure in the ‘Eindhoven Airport District’, plans are on the drawing board for a specially designed spotter's tower near the airport to enhance the area's appeal further. Facilities such as these make the area livelier and more attractive to a wider target group from the surrounding area.

Locally generated energy

The airport is also playing its part in making the airport area more sustainable. In the future, Eindhoven Airport aims to switch to locally generated sustainable energy where possible. To realise this ambition, the airport and a number of entrepreneurs at Flight Forum and elsewhere have joined the initiative to set up a local energy trading platform. The platform will enable members to trade energy with one another and reduce the burden on the regional grid.