Flying to Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland

Temperate maritime climate

5 degrees

1 hour and 30 minutes

Whether you love culture or want to enjoy breathtaking views, Edinburgh has it all. The Scottish capital – called Auld Reekie by the locals – has somehow managed to retain its charm over the centuries. And thankfully so, because it means visitors and locals alike can still enjoy all the beauty the city has to offer.

Places to visit in Edinburgh

History buffs are spoilt for choice in Edinburgh. A popular recommendation is Edinburgh Castle, which sits mightily on top of Castle Rock in the middle of Edinburgh's old town. The centuries-old stronghold offers a range of sights, one of which is the Stone of Scone where Scottish kings were crowned during the Middle Ages. Edinburgh also has many other historic buildings, such as St. Giles Cathedral and Gladstone's Land. A visit to Arthur's Seat is another absolute highlight on your trip to Edinburgh. From every vantage point, this 251-metre volcanic mountain range gives you majestic views of the Scottish capital.

Discover Edinburgh

It is virtually impossible to escape Scottish culture while walking through Edinburgh. Culture and sports converge during the traditional Highland Games; an event that thrills many a Scotsman...and woman. Look in amazement at the athletic performances in traditional Scottish kilts while enjoying the bagpipes melodies of hundreds of musicians. The Scots love getting the most out of life. That character trait is deep-rooted in the people of Edinburgh, as evidenced by the at least 700 entertainment venues that the city offers. Those who want to immerse themselves in traditional Scottish nightlife, head to the Royal Mile, Grassmarket or Hunter Square in the old part of town, or Rose Street in the new part. Enjoy an authentic Scotch whisky and become ‘one of the lads’ with the famously friendly Scots.

Practical information on your trip to Edinburgh

  • In Edinburgh it is one hour earlier than in Eindhoven

  • You pay in pounds when visiting Edinburgh

  • You need a travel adapter in Edinburgh

  • You can drink water from the tap in Edinburgh

  • Public transport in Edinburgh is well organised. You can use the bus, train or taxi

Pictures of Edinburgh

Cathedral in Edinburgh

Photo of Edinburgh from Princess Street

Statue of Greyfriars Bobby

Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Edinburgh

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Edinburgh in Scotland with Ryanair.

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