Flying to Catania

At the foot of Etna, Italy's active volcano

Mediterranean maritime climate

20 degrees

2 hours and 40 minutes

Catania is located on the east coast of the island of Sicily in Italy. Climbing up to the four craters has been prohibited since Mount Etna's last eruption in 2002. But buses still go from Catania to Etna at regular intervals, so it is definitely worthwhile to see the 3,262-metre volcano and its rivers of solidified lava up close. With over 300,000 inhabitants, Catania is Italy's tenth largest city and one of the most important economic hubs of southern Italy. Not only that, Catania is a beautiful seaside destination that lies on the shores of the Ionian Sea and is one of the hottest Italian cities in the summer.

Places to visit in Catania

This charming city boasts a variety of unique architecture, large squares, boulevards and a wonderful harbour district. The beautiful historic city centre is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most famous squares is Piazza del Duomo where you can visit the Sant'Agata Cathedral. The impressive façade is a masterpiece of Gia Battista Vaccarini. The dome of the cathedral dates back to 1802, and in its centre is the tomb of the famous Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini. Also on the Piazza del Duomo is the Palazzo degli Elefanti. This elephant fountain made of lava rocks is Catania's most famous monument and a key symbol of the city. You will encounter a fascinating mix of craftsmen, artists and small shops. The covered market of Pesgheria is worth a visit, even if you aren't planning to buy any fish.

Discover Catania

Hungry after shopping? Catania offers a delightful combination of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The fish and shellfish with oil and wine from the mountains around Etna are regional delicacies. Or taste the very sweet and delicious cannoli, a cone filled with sweet ricotta cream. One of the best places to taste authentic cannoli is at Spinella in Catania. It is an very popular confectioner though, so be prepared to stand in line. And don't forget to order the pasta alla norma, a pasta dish with basil, aubergine and ricotta that originates from this city. Indulge in the healthy flavours from Catania!

Practical information on your trip to Catania

  • In Italy you pay with euros

  • You will need a travel adapter in Italy

  • There is no time difference between Italy and Eindhoven

  • The emergency number in Italy is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • Catania has a metro system connecting the city with Palermo. There are also buses and trains

Pictures of Catania

Fish market in Catania

Catania central square

Eating cannoli in Catania

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You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Catania in Italy with Ryanair.

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