By Taxi

Taxis are available in the taxi lane next to the Eindhoven Airport terminal. Travel time to Eindhoven center is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. We recommend that you at all times only use taxis that are ready on the taxi lane in the forecourt of the airport. These are taxis that meet strict quality requirements and are supervised by the airport and its designated partner(s). In the Netherlands it is not allowed not to start the taximeter without explicitly making price agreements with each other. In almost all cases it is most economical to drive “by the meter”. On this government website you will find the most current rates as determined by the legislator in the Netherlands.

Rate indication

Please note

there are recruiters active at the airport. They offer their services around the entrance/exit of the terminal building and the arrivals hall. The quality of their services and their rates are hardly or not at all supervised by the airport and/or enforcement authorities. We advise against responding to these, often verbally, offered services.