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  • Mediterranean climate
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Brindisi, which is located 'in the heel of the boot', is an authentic Italian port town. Once upon a time pilgrims travelled via Brindisi to the Holy Land, but the quest for peace of mind has given way to a longing for sun and relaxation.

History of Brindisi

Due to its strategic location, Brindisi has always played a major role in logistics. In Roman times, the port town supplied the colonies with people and materials. In later times, the Knights of the Cross passed through, whereas nowadays the port mainly welcomes tourists travelling to the Greek island of Corfu. The United Nations Logistics Base (UNLB) has its home base here as well. Brindisi forms the logistical support base for peacekeeping operations around the world.

Points of interest in Brindisi

Brindisi was located at the end of the Via Appia, one of the most important and ancient Roman roads. An impressive column stands as a reminder to this fact. A strategically important city also had to be defended of course, which has resulted in the interesting military heritage sites of Castello Alfonsino and Castello Svevo. In the historical centre you can also find a cathedral and two churches from the 11th century: Chiesa del Christo and San Giovanni al Sepolcro.

Mediterranean rhythm

Brindisi has a typical Mediterranean climate. In summer temperatures reach up to 30C and in winter it doesn’t get much colder than 12C. It’s always pleasant to spend some time here, so travel down to Italy’s boot, take a seat on one of the many terraces, and enjoy the relaxed Mediterranean pace of life.

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Ryanair flies to Brindisi from Eindhoven Airport.

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