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Flying to Brindisi

In the heel of the boot

Mediterranean maritime climate

22 degrees

2 hours and 35 minutes

In the heel of Italy's boot lies Brindisi, an authentic southern port city. Pilgrims once travelled via Brindisi to the ‘holy land’, but the search for a peaceful soul has given way to a longing for sun and rest.

Places to visit in Brindisi

Brindisi was at the end of the Via Appia, one of the most important ancient Roman roads. An imposing column still stands as a reminder of that era. A strategically important city also had to be defended, which has earned Brindisi a fine military heritage at Castello Alfonsino and Castello Svevo. You will also find a cathedral and two churches from the 11th century in the historical centre: Chiesa del Christo and San Giovanni al Sepolcro.

Discover Brindisi

Because of its strategic position, Brindisi has always played an important logistical role. In Roman times, the colonies were supplied with people, equipment and resources from the port. The Crusaders made use of the port in later times, and today it is mostly the departure point for tourists travelling to Corfu, Greece. The United Nations Logistic Base (UNLB) is also housed here. Peacekeeping operations around the world receive logistics support from Brindisi. Brindisi has a typical Mediterranean climate: the summer temperature averages upwards of 30oC during the day. In winter, it hardly ever gets 'colder' than 12oC. Life is meant to be enjoyed here in the south, so head down to the boot heel of Italy, sit outside at one of the many cafés and enjoy the relaxed Mediterranean rhythm of life.

Practical information on your trip to Brindisi

  • In Italy you pay with euros

  • You will need a travel adapter in Italy

  • There is no time difference between Italy and Eindhoven

  • The emergency number in Italy is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • Bus and train are the best means of public transport in Brindisi

Pictures of Brindisi

Boulevard in Brindisi

Dining in Brindisi

Ostuni white town in Brindisi

Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Brindisi

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Brindisi in Italy with Ryanair.

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