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The capital of a young republic, Bratislava has had much to endure. The city is living proof that real growth and development is possible - even in a short time - if you really commit to it! As the cultural, economic and political hub of Slovakia, Bratislava is a symbol of hope for visitors and citizens alike. In the space of 25 years, this young capital has evolved to become the perfect blend of modern and historical; a juxtaposition that is evident throughout the city.

From devastated post-war city to trendy metropolis

Like many other cities and capitals in central Europe, Bratislava has a rich history. When, some 25 years ago, Bratislava was declared the capital for the third time - on this occasion, the capital of the Slovak Republic - the city worked hard to become alluring to tourists. And it succeeded! Today, Bratislava is a popular city break. Following a series of restorations, the historic old town is now extremely photogenic and atmospheric, with terraces where, for an affordable price, you can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat.

Bratislava sights you won’t want to miss

The sight to see is without doubt Devín Castle: a ruin on a mountain with fantastic views over the Danube and Morava river. The unique thing about this site, is that from the vantage point, you can see remnants of the historic Iron Curtain. Top tip: make sure you pack sturdy shoes for the climb!

A head for heights? Why not view the entire city from the UFO bar at 95 metres above ground level. The views stretch for a massive 100 kilometres! Plus, you can also enjoy a delicious meal at this special location. Book worms will be in their element at the Bratislava City Gallery, housing ‘the Passage’: an illusionary endless room full of books, considered unique by many experts. One thing’s for sure - there’s plenty to explore in this impressive city!  

Fly from Eindhoven Airport to Bratislava

Flights from Eindhoven Airport to M.R. Štefánika international airport are direct. The airport is located around ten kilometres from the fantastic and ultra-modern city centre. Will you visit soon?

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