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European Capital of Culture

Warm maritime climate

24 degrees

1 hour and 40 minutes

A grand intellectual heritage, a relaxed atmosphere and a rich cultural offering that was created under papal influence: Bologna is a destination everyone should experience up close.

Places to visit in Bologna

A good starting point for a city walk is Piazza Maggiore. It's where you will also find the Town Hall, the Morandi Museum and the imposing San Petronio. According to the original building plans, this church would be bigger than St Peter's in Rome. The Pope, however, did not approve of the idea. The square runs into Piazza del Nuttono, known for the fountain with a statue of the Greek god of the sea, Neptune. ‘Il Gigante’ was designed in the 16th century and it, too, was influenced by the Pope at the time. The original design was significantly modified at the insistence of the Church Father. The Orto Botanico di Bologna botanical gardens, founded in 1568, is located in the old Collegio Ferrario on Via Imerio. Worldwide, there are only three botanical gardens older than the one in Bologna. The area is two hectares and visitors can admire more than five hundred local and exotic plant species.

Discover Bologna

Known as a university city, as many as one in four inhabitants of Bologna is a student. This has traditionally always been the case, as Bologna is home to the oldest active university in the world. The University of Bologna already started in the year 1088. It is this fact that gave the city its nickname: La Dotta (“The Scholar”). The vibrant heart of the student district is Via Zamboni, where evening life in particular is animated. If you want to experience the real Bologna, you have to have a plate of pasta. Bologna is famous for its variety of flavoursome pastas. Always delicious, but without exception well-filled with hearty ingredients such as cream, butter and bacon. Another nickname of the city is La Grassa, or 'the fat one', because of this love for food. It is clear that cultural and gastronomic evolution go hand in hand in Bologna.

Practical information on your trip to Bologna

  • In Italy you pay with euros

  • You will need a travel adapter in Italy

  • There is no time difference between Italy and Eindhoven

  • The emergency number in Italy is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • The centre of Bologna is a car-free zone, so exploring by car is not an option. The centre of Bologna is relatively compact and easy to navigate on foot. If you do go by public transport, choose the bus

Pictures of Bologna

View from Bologna

Piazza del Nettuno in Bologna

Walking through Bologna

Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Bologna

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Bologna in Italy with Transavia and Ryanair.

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