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Barcelona: a city that has it all. Museums, monuments, shops, an abundance of restaurants and cafes, and on top of that it offers a beautiful beach to relax. Barcelona is a vibrant world where life never comes to a standstill…

Unique Barcelona

Barcelona, a world city with a unique character, is commercially, culturally and culinary highly developed. The streets are populated by a melting pot of cultures coming from all corners of the world. At the base, however, is the Catalan identity (‘Barça is not Spain, Barça is Catalonia’). Anyone who enters into conversation with a Barcelonan soon discovers that this love runs deep: the Barcelonans would prefer to establish an independent city state, separate from mother country Spain.

Local heroes

You also see this love when it comes to football: FC Barcelona is the local pride of both young and old. Attending a match at home port Camp Nou is therefore a true experience, also for those who love football a little less. As soon as 99,000 people start singing the club song, a shiver runs through the stadium. Architect Gaudí also belongs to the local heroes. Gaudí left different striking works, such as Parc Guëll and the basilica Sagrada Família. He is known for his preference for organic forms and for using inexpensive, simple rest materials (bricks, ceramics and glass).

Barcelona by foot

Cituat Vella (the old town) is easy to explore on foot. Pleasant squares, bars and restaurants present themselves everywhere. The old city centre is bordered by La Rambla, a broad boulevard of which the middle part is only accessible to pedestrians. The street is always busy with tourists, vendors and street artists. In a way, La Rambla is a synonym for Barcelona: dynamic, headstrong and intriguing. It is a must-see for everyone.