Eindhoven Airport offers passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility special facilities to travel comfortably

Eindhoven Airport offers passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility special facilities to travel comfortably. Below you will find information about how you can get assistance, transport at the airport, where the facilities are and which matters require special attention.

Need assistance? Let us know in time!

When you need assistance, it is important that you let us know in good time. When booking your flight, make your wishes known to the travel agent or the airline.

Book assistance directly at your travel agent or airline when booking your flight ticket or trip, or at least 48 hours before flight departure. Your airline or travel agency will pass this on to us. We will ensure that assistance is ready for you. Suitable assistance will then also be arranged at your destination airport. Are you flying back to our airport from your destination? Then book this for your return flight as well.

Registration point for assistance at Eindhoven Airport

Register at Eindhoven Airport at the check-in desk for your flight or via the nearest assistance calling pointa. The calling points can be found at the public transport terminal, taxi lane, or on parking areas P3 and P4.

Assistance when departing

Do you need assistance when traveling from Eindhoven Airport? In this video we show you exactly how this works at our airport.

Assistance when arriving

Do you need assistance when you arrive at Eindhoven Airport? In this video we show you exactly how this works at our airport.

How many persons can come with me when I receive assistance?

Have you requested assistance and you are travelling together with other persons? One person of your company is allowed to accompany you during your assistance.

What do I have to do to be allowed to bring medical attributes?

For transporting medical attributes, we recommend contacting the airline. Contact details can be found on our website.

Where do I report at the airport for assistance?

If you are at the airport, always report to a manned check-in desk or one of the calling points in the public transport terminal, taxi lane, or parking lots P3 or P4. If you need help checking in, please report to desk 24. If necessary, one of our employees will pick you up or take you to a number of locations at Eindhoven Airport. Therefore, please fill in the form on our website.

What are the pick-up and drop-off locations for assistance at Eindhoven Airport?

You can be picked up or dropped off to or from the following places:

  • Parking garage P1, on the ground floor near the public transport terminal

  • Parking garage P3

  • Parking garage P4

  • Taxi lane

What is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard?

Some travelers need some extra support while their disability is hidden and therefore not visible. To discreetly point out to people in the vicinity of the wearer that he or she needs extra explanation or, for example, a little more time, there is the lanyard with sunflowers. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard has been adopted by a large number of airports and meeting places worldwide. Eindhoven Airport also offers extra support to lanyard wearers. Please note that carrying the lanyard does not give priority access.

What quality standard of assistance should Eindhoven Airport meet?

PRM assistants are active at Eindhoven Airport. Together, they assist PRM passengers at Eindhoven Airport. In this way, Eindhoven Airport provides customer-friendly and professional assistance to passengers with a disability or reduced mobility, or PRM: Persons with Reduced Mobility.

Assistance with reduced mobility Our PRM assistants guide these passengers safely and on time throughout Eindhoven Airport and in the terminal building: from the airport entrance to the aircraft, from the aircraft to the next means of transport.

Quality standard Services for PRM are carried out in accordance with EC Regulation No 1107/2006. In establishing quality levels, we have followed the guidelines of ECAC doc.30 as a starting point. Safety, quality, hospitality and competence are paramount in the execution of services for PRM. As much as possible, the nature of the assistance is tailored to what the passenger can or does not want for himself or herself. In this way, persons with reduced mobility are given the same opportunities to travel by air as anyone else. PRM assistants are trained in hospitality and dealing with people who require extra care, have knowledge of aviation processes and safety standards and have followed lifting instruction if necessary.

To avoid long waiting times and ensure timely support, it is important to request the PRM service from the airline at least 48 hours before flight departure.

Transport aids, such as wheelchairs, ambulance lifts and other lifting equipment, are periodically assessed and maintained by certified bodies.

Exercise areas are available for assistance dogs in front of and behind the security control. Feel free to ask our staff about this.

The following quality standard applies to departing passengers; Did you book the PRM service in advance and report to us after arriving at the airport? We aim to provide 80% of passengers with assistance within 10 minutes. The maximum waiting time never exceeds 20 minutes. For travellers who have not pre-booked the service, we aim for waiting times of 25 to a maximum of 30 minutes.

For arriving passengers, the following quality standard applies; For 80% of pre-registered passengers, assistance is available within 5 minutes of flight arrival. The waiting time never exceeds 15 minutes. For passengers who have not pre-registered, we aim for a waiting time of 15 to a maximum of 20 minutes.

Do you have any complaints despite our attention to quality? Please email them to Complaints about our PRM services will be answered within 3 days.

Request for assistance

Flight number
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Flight date*
At what time you will arrive at the airport*

We advise you to be present at least 2 hours before departure

Where would you like to be picked up at the airport?*
Mobile phone number*
Assistance code*
WCHC: Wheelchair and assistance up to and including cabin seat
WCHS: Wheelchair and assistance up to and including steps
WCHR Wheelcair and assistance up to and including ramp
DEAF: Deaf person needing assistance
BLND: Blind person needing assistance
DEAF/BLND: Deaf and blind person needing assistance
DPNA: Invisible inmobility needing assistance