Almost on board

It's almost time to fly! The last step before you will be taking off, is boarding the plane.

The planes are almost always full during the summer, which means that there can be a long line at the gate when boarding. There are of course a number of things you can do yourself to make the boarding process as easy and quickly as possible. For example, make sure you have your ID-card and boarding pass at hand so our staff can scan them easily. You can also simply wait a little longer whenever the boarding process has started. Everyone has an allocated seat on board, which means you could also spend a little more time reading your favorite book or continue watching your favorite series or movie. This will likely make the line at the gate shorter and in turn more relaxed for yourself and all the other passengers aswell. Make sure you do this at the gate though, so you are always close by when it is your turn to board. Your gate will be announced on the flight information screens in the departure hall. Eindhoven Airport is a silent airport so keep an eye on the flight information screens for the latest flight information.

Do you like to be the first to board the plane? You can also book priority boarding with many airlines. This often allows you to board earlier and faster than people with a regular ticket.