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Flying to Tivat

Located on the Bay of Kotor

Temperate continental climate

14 degrees

2 hours and 20 minutes

Montenegro in a nutshell? One of a kind, with hugely diverse nature and culture on offer. The country is justly considered among the most beautiful in the world. Within just half-an-hour of Tivat airport, you’ll find stunning cities, quaint villages steeped in history, awe-inspiring valleys and other natural wonders. Get ready to be amazed by this wondrous nation.


Places to visit in Tivat

If you aren’t already enticed by the beauty of Montenegro, make sure you put the following sights on your to-do list. Rest and relaxation aren’t all you’ll find in Montenegro; the spectacular nature is a call to explore. Head to the old town of Kotor – a UNESCO world heritage site and certainly worth a visit – and stroll through the vibrant squares. Up for some adventure? Plan a trip to the Đurđevića-Tarabrug in the north of Montenegro. This arch bridge is 365 metres long and sits no less than 172 metres above the Tara river. Breath-taking views guaranteed! Adrenalin junkies can even zipline over the Tara. Top tip: Don’t forget your camera!


Discover Tivat

Tivat connects to the rest of the country via the Adriatic Highway that runs along the beautiful Montenegro coastline. Be sure to hire a car or use public transport to visit places such as Budva, Kotor and Igalo. The centres of these towns are home to historical houses with characteristic orange roofs that make you feel as though you’re stepping back in time. Cool off in the crystal clear sea water and enjoy the immediate contrast of open spaces with green, forested mountains, deep valleys and gorgeous rivers.

Practical information on your trip to Tivat

  • In Tivat you can pay with the euro

  • There is no time difference between the Netherlands and Tivat

  • The emergency number in Montenegro is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • The tap water in Tivat isn't safe to drink. Therefore, make sure to only drink bottled water

  • You do not need a travel adapter in Tivat

Pictures of Tivat

Kotor near Tivat

Sveti Stefan near Tivat

Promenade in Tivat


Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Tivat

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport to Tivat in Montenegro with TUI through Ohrid.

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