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A hip, progressive city in a region full of history and culture: Tel Aviv is a treasure trove in ancient Israel. Tel Aviv has its strength in the mundane character of its city centre, which contrasts with the age-old suburb of Jaffa. It’s a city that displays its charming contrasts and infinite possibilities. In short, a holiday to Tel Aviv offers a unique impression of Israel, including its history as well as its vision for the future.

Feel the modern vibe of Tel Aviv

Those who enjoy active, vibrant cities will find their hearts’ desire in Tel Aviv. The city, located on the Mediterranean Sea, was founded in 1909 and served as the Jewish counterpart to Arab Jaffa. Tel Aviv fulfilled its role marvellously, after which it became the economic heart of Israel.

Israel normally revolves around the country’s eventful history, of which there is little sign in Tel Aviv. The hippest bars and clubs are at the heart of the city's vibrant nightlife. It’s with good reason that Tel Aviv is known as a city that never sleeps. During the day, Tel Aviv offers breathtaking beaches as well as impressive works of art and numerous attractions, including the Museum of the Jewish People and the Nahum Gutman Museum. Tel Aviv is a city that’s alive, but, more importantly, is a city that lets its visitors and residents enjoy life.

Fly to Tel Aviv and discover the historic district of Jaffa

The young city of Tel Aviv forms a stark contrast to the suburb of Jaffa, which may call itself one of the oldest cities in the world. Experience Jaffa’s rich history by visiting the old port and flea markets. While taking a stroll through winding, narrow streets, you will discover the various picturesque shops, markets and local cuisine that are typical of the Middle East. Visit Biblical places such as Tabitha’s Tomb and St. Peter's Church and come face to face with legendary places that have marked the history of Israel. In addition, Jaffa is known for its oranges, so don't forget to enjoy some fruit!

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