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  • Mediterranean climate
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Mediterranean culture in an enchanting setting; there’s no better way to describe Tangier. The northern Moroccan port flawlessly combines various influences. What’s more, Tangier takes its unique character from this very blend. With its idyllic views and warm nature, Tangier conquers the heart of every visitor.

Discover the cultural treasures of Tangier

Tangier is a melting pot of cultures, blending all elements in a charming way. It’s an identity created by its turbulent history of occupation, in which Portugal and Spain, among others, played a decisive role. The historical centre – the medina – for example, is surrounded by the walls of a Portuguese fortress dating from the 15th century. Within the enclosure of the medina, the city’s Moroccan identity clearly stands out. Narrow, winding alleys are lined with shops selling colourful and traditional souvenirs. A walk through the medina is a must for anyone who wishes to dive into Moroccan culture.

An architectural highlight during a holiday in Tangier is the Palace of Dar-el-Makhzen. The imposing building served as a residence for various rulers since the 17th century. Today the palace houses two museums: the Museum of Antiquities and the Museum of Moroccan Arts. A visit to the palace is a peaceful experience, suitable for anyone who wishes to escape the crowds of Tangier for an afternoon. A trip to Tangier should also include a visit to the Caves of Hercules; a mysterious place in Tangier with a breathtaking and unforgettable view.

Enjoy culinary delights during your holiday in Tangier

Besides a cultural experience, a trip to Tangier encompasses a culinary adventure. From breakfast to dinner, you will be treated to a diverse range of typical Moroccan flavours. Make a daytime visit to Petit Socco to enjoy a delicious Moroccan mint tea. In the evening, you can enjoy traditional dishes such as couscous, tajines, harira or pastilla. Chances are that you will experience Arabic entertainment, often in the form of live music, during your dinner. Those who fancy a quick snack, can try the various food stalls that sell brochettes, which are appreciated by both locals and tourists alike.

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