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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is spread over 14 islands and covers 188 square kilometres. Clear water flows under a network of connecting bridges. The streets are clean and safe. Life is good in the Venice of the North.

Places of interest in Stockholm

Stockholm is home to King Carl XVI Gustaf. The Royal Palace is located in the Gamla Stan (Old Town), has more than 600 rooms and is partially open to the public. Here is your chance to see the original crown jewels from up close. Next to the Palace you will find the Great Church, famous for its statue of St. George and the Dragon.

Gamla Stan consists of narrow streets and colourful facades that create a romantic atmosphere. This quickly changes in the evening, when the Old Town sets the scene for Ghost Walks. Ancient myths come to life through tales told by guides.

Art and culture are greatly valued. There are more than a hundred museums, but art is also visible in the public space. A visit to Skansen is a must. This open-air museum consists of an authentic Swedish village where old traditions are kept alive through a variety of events.

The Vasa Museum is distinctive as well. On 10 August 1628, the warship Vasa was launched. Unfortunately, it sank after only a few minutes and was left in the water until 1961. When it was salvaged, the ship miraculously turned out to be in good condition and therefore was worthy of its own museum.

Swedish cuisine

Large, international chain stores versus small, cosy speciality shops. Sleek gastropubs versus traditional restaurants. Classical art versus street art. In Stockholm the modern and the nostalgic alternate, depending on what you like best. For those who wish to try Swedish cuisine, there’s nothing like a good piece of meat. Venison steaks or reindeer meat are inevitable, but that’s hardly a punishment.

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Transavia flies from Eindhoven Airport to Stockholm in Sweden.

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