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A beautiful city trip where Turkish influences and historical events come together. Sarajevo is the versatile capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has about four hundred thousand inhabitants. It is one of the most impressive cities in Eastern Europe, all thanks to its rich history. Reasons enough for a city trip to Sarajevo!

Landmarks in Sarajevo

The old city dates back to the time of the Ottomans. Sarajevo has a rich history and this is reflected in the city. You can visit the old fountain in Pigeon Square or walk past one of the largest and oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the Gazi-Husrev-Bey Mosque. In addition to these sights, museum enthusiasts can soak up culture and visit the various historical museums in the city. There are plenty of souvenir shops, local cafes and restaurants in Sarajevo. It is also worth the effort of  spotting street art in the center of Sarajevo.

History of Sarajevo

In 1461 the city of Sarajevo was built by the Bosnian Ottomans. Since then, Sarajevo has had a turbulent history. The city was destroyed and had to be rebuilt from the ground up. In 1914 Sarajevo played an important role in world history. The murder of Frans Ferdinand of Austria was committed on the Latin bridge, which many historians point to as the trigger for the First World War. In 1984 Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics. You can still take a look at the abandoned ski jump and bobsleigh run.

Food in Sarajevo

Due to the multicultural influences, there are plenty of different foods to be found in Sarajevo. You will find many dishes with potatoes and puff pastry. A typical dish of Bosnian cuisine is the "cevapcici": a sausage made from minced meat. In addition to all the tasty Bosnian dishes, coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of coffee. Sarajevo has a coffee culture with good coffee, which you can enjoy in one of the cozy cafes in the center of Sarajevo.

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Wizz Air now offers flights from Eindhoven Airport directly to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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