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Flying to Sarajevo

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Temperate continental climate

4 degrees

2 hours and 30 minutes

A beautiful city trip where Turkish influences and historical events come together. Sarajevo, with its population of around 400,000 people, is the culturally diverse capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is regarded as one of the most impressive cities in Eastern Europe, which is mostly attributable to its rich history. Reason enough for a city getaway to Sarajevo!


Places to visit in Sarajevo

Sarajevo has a long and rich history that you will recognise in the city centre. Visit the centenary fountain at Pigeon Square or walk past one of the largest and oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Gazi-Husrev-Bey mosque. In addition to these wonderful sights, history buffs can soak up the culture and visit the various museums in the city. You'll also find plenty of souvenir shops in Sarajevo, as well as local cafés and restaurants.


Discover Sarajevo

With its multicultural influences, there are plenty of places to get great food in Sarajevo. The various dishes with potatoes and puff pastry are well worth trying. A typical dish of Bosnian cuisine is “cevapcici”: a hearty and full-flavoured minced meat sausage. On top of the delicious Bosnian cuisine, coffee lovers will truly savour the local brews. The people of Sarajevo have always loved their coffee, and the city centre's many local cafés are perfect for starting your day trip.

Practical information for your trip to Sarajevo

  • It is easy to travel in Sarajevo by public transport. There are buses, minibuses and trams in Sarajevo. Tickets are available at most newspaper kiosks, or you can buy them directly from the bus or tram driver

  • You don't pay with the euro in Sarajevo, but with the Bosnian mark

  • There is no time difference between Sarajevo and Eindhoven

  • The emergency number in Sarajevo and all of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not the same as in the Netherlands. The emergency number for the police is 122, the emergency number for the fire department is 123, and the emergency medical number is 124

  • You don't need a travel adapter when travelling to Sarajevo

Pictures of Sarajevo

Market in Sarajevo

Historical centre of Sarajevo

Sarajevo in the evening


Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Sarajevo

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Wizzair.

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