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Rzeszów is located in the southeast of Poland. It is the capital of Woiwodschap Subkarpaten with over 187.000 people living in Rzeszów. The city is developing rapidly as companies active in innovation and technology are settling in Rzeszów. Next to that the city attracts many students from different universities and offers many things for history lovers.  

Highlights in Rzeszów

Rzeszów’s castle is one of the main landmarks of Rzeszów and once owned by the Lubomirski family. The original castle was built in the 18th century but has later been redeveloped. Rzeszów’s castle is located in the well-known May 3rd street which houses landmarks as old buildings, a church and one of the oldest highschools of Poland, Ordo Scholarum Piarum. Large cellars can be found below the square which has made it one of the most exciting touristic routes.

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