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  • Mediterranean climate
  • 2 hours and 10 minutes
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It is situated close to the touristic hotspots but is relatively unknown. The advantage being that the city is not overrun by tourists and has been able to keep its Catalan character. Some surprising stories shape the city’s history. Discover the ways in which a small city can be big…


Reus is situated just a few kilometres from the Costa Dorada near Tarragon. Until the 18th century it was a sleepy town, but that changed when it became a regional trading centre. Reus developed itself into a European market leader in the trade and production of brandy. This period of growth led to the confident slogan ‘Reus, Paris, London’. Although this slogan has lost its persuasion, the spirit of commerce is still alive and kicking. This becomes apparent from the large amount of shops in this small city. Three hundred shops are located near Plaza Prim, including large international chains as well as small local shops.

Artistic basis

The most famous son of Reus is the world-famous architect Antonio Gaudí. The founder of Sagrada Família, Parc Güell and countless other structures spent the first sixteen years of his life in Reus. In this period his artistic basis was laid. His permanent employees came from Reus as well, which makes the city more-or-less the birthplace of modernism. In 2002, the statue of Gaudí nen (Gaudí the child) was unveiled, a fitting tribute to a great man.

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