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Rabat, the historic capital of Morocco, is located in the northwest of this enchanting African country. Caressed by the Atlantic Ocean on its west shores, Rabat offers plenty of opportunities to visit the beach. Yet it has so much more to show you. Rabat has a cultural history to be proud of and offers a holiday for all tastes.

The versatile beauty of Rabat

Flying to Rabat is a feast for the eyes. In essence, contemporary Rabat is a modern coastal city that is adorned with numerous historic gems. The best-known of these is the Hassan Tower with its impressive minaret of red sandstone measuring 44.3 metres and beautifully set against the clear blue shoreline. Opposite the Hassan Tower you will find the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, a stately building of white Italian marble, graced by numerous brass candlesticks.

During a visit to the Kasbah of the Udayas, you will discover where the rulers of the region resided through the ages. The walled fortress has both a luxury and rustic feel. In the authentic residential complex the colours of white and azure prevail, blending in perfect harmony for an unforgettable sight. A short distance away is the Kasbah Mosque, the oldest mosque of Rabat. This historic building offers a stunning view of the Moroccan capital, which is a must-see for any visitor to Rabat.

Wonderful beach holiday in Rabat

Rabat also has a lot to offer for avid sun worshippers. Sidi Bouknadel is the place to be. The impressive golden beach combined with the clear blue sea is worth visiting for its view alone. The spectacular waves sometimes make it dangerous to swim, but they also create an impressive sight. In the nearby beach clubs you will find a relaxed atmosphere. In short, it’s the ideal way to end a sun-filled day in style.

Fly to Rabat for the best souvenirs

Flying to Rabat for souvenirs; it may sound strange, but the Moroccan city’s unique offering is certainly a plus. From handmade jewellery to herbs and spices, and from impressive carpets to cosmetics made with essential oils: Rabat has a wide range of special products that are typical of Morocco. All of these can be found in picturesque, winding alleys that are a sight to behold. Shopping in Rabat is an experience in itself and, therefore, a must during your visit to the capital.

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