Organization structure

Eindhoven Airport NV is managed by a single-member Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is supported by a number of staff departments and provides direction to the Management Team which consists of a Operations director, Commercial director and a Finance director.


The shares of Eindhoven Airport NV are held by Schiphol Nederland BV, the North Brabant Provincial Authority and the Eindhoven Municipal Authority.

The authorised share capital of Eindhoven Airport NV is EUR 9 million. The capital is split into 20 million shares of EUR 0.45 (originally 1.00 Guilder), that being 10 million ordinary shares and 10 million cumulative preference shares. A total of 5 million ordinary shares and 5 million cumulative preference shares have been issued. The total issued share capital is EUR 4,537,800.00 of which EUR 2,291,590.00 is paid up capital.

Board of Directors

Drs. J.E. Meijs has been the Managing Director of Eindhoven Airport NV since 1 October 2008.

Board of Supervisory Directors

The Board of Supervisory Directors supervises, advises, supports and appoints the Board of Directors. The members of the Board of Supervisory Directors are:

Drs. P.J.J.M. Swinkels (1945) Chairman of the Board of Supervisory Directors
Director, former Chairman of the Board of Bavaria (retired)
Ancillary positions:
Chairman of BZW
Member of the VNO-NCW Executive Board
Various Supervisory Directorships

J.W. Weissink MBA (1965)  
Director Schiphol Real Estate B.V.        

drs. B.I. Otto (1963)
Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer Schiphol Group
Ancillary position:
Chairman of Stichting Publieke Veiligheid Schiphol
Chairman Veiligheidsplatform Schiphol

A.P.A. de Jong (1945)
Lieutenant General (Retd) Royal Netherlands Air Force
Ancillary position:
Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Southeast-Brabant Veterans’ Association

Drs. P.L.A. Rüpp (1957)
Chairman of College van Bestuur Avans Hogeschool
Ancillary positions:
Chamberlain to his Majesty the King in the province of North Brabant
Chairman of RKSV Udi’19
Vice chairman of foundation Jheronimus Bosch 500
Chairman of foundation Bosch Research and Conservation Project
Member of the directors Vereniging Hogescholen
Member of supervisory board of Dutch Institute World Class Maintenance


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