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Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, and Timisoara: when it comes to a holiday in Romania, these are often the first names that come to mind. But Romania has more to offer than these tourist attractions. Take Oradea, for example, which is in the northwestern part of the country, only 12 km from the Hungarian border. It’s an undiscovered gem that combines traditional Romanian characteristics with Parisian charm.

See the special architecture of Oradea

Architecture enthusiasts can indulge themselves in Oradea. Characterized by both the baroque and fin-de-siècle, the city’s architecture offers a special sight. One of the highlights is the fortress of Oradea, dating from the eleventh century. Over the years it has served as a palace, military base, prison, and as an office for the communist police. Today, it offers space to art exhibitions, while also offering visitors an impressive view of Oradea.

Oradea has an abundance of religious monuments. With over a hundred religious visitor sights, this aspect of the city is hard to miss. The Baptist Church is one of the most impressive sights, given the fact that it’s the largest in Eastern Europe. Additionally, don't forget to visit the Moon Church, which is characterized by an impressive astronomical clock displaying the phases of the moon.

Try the taste of Oradea

Oradea’s cuisine has an authentic character. Over the years, it has been largely influenced by the history of the city as well as by its location in Romania. The city’s typical dishes are made up of traditional Romanian dishes blended with Hungarian, German, and Austrian influences. Local specialties are iofca, which is a noodle dish with cabbage or cheese, and paprikash, which can be compared to dumplings. In any case, you won’t go hungry in Oradea, since the average servings fill you up pretty well.

Explore Oradea’s nightlife

Nightlife in Oradea is truly lively. The city centre is the place to be, which makes it easy for tourists to find nightlife venues. Union Square offers a range of entertainment options suited to all tastes and interests. You can party into the small hours like a true native of Oradea.

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