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Niš is about a three-hour drive south of the Serbian capital of Belgrade. Niš has approximately 260,000 inhabitants and is the third-largest city in Serbia.

Niš is also a major industrial and trading city. It has its own University and is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans. Located at the crossroads to Istanbul, Belgrade, Sofia and Greece, it holds an economic and military-strategic position. In the days of the Roman Empire, the city was called Naissus or ‘city of the nymphs’.

Places of interest in Niš

You will find plenty of interesting sights in the city of Niš and its surroundings. A visit to Niš Fortress and the Skull Tower, as well as a day of relaxation at Niš Spa, are not be missed, in our view.

Niska Tvrdjava, the fortress of Niš, is located on the river Nišava. In this fortress you can find remains from various periods, such as a Byzantine street and a Roman amphitheatre.

Ćele Kula is a Skull Tower largely composed of bones and skulls of killed Serbs. The tower was built in 1809 by an Ottoman sultan to celebrate his victory. Nowadays, 58 skulls remain of the 952 skulls once embedded in the building. Over the years, many skulls have been taken by family members to be buried.
After a visit to Niska Banja, the Spa of Niš, you will be able to completely relax. This spa resort is located 10 kilometres from town in a quiet area of mountains and forests.

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Wizzair flies from Eindhoven Airport to Niš in Serbia.


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