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Enter a magical world where churches represent the colours of the rainbow, romance awaits behind every corner and the communist past lives on. A metropolis with a rich history, where you’ll experience one highlight after the next. Are you ready to sample baked piroshki?

Dazzling sights

The best way of describing the heart of Russia is as one big open-air museum. Moscow lives and breathes art and culture. The Kremlin, majestic Red Square (red signifying beautiful) and the cherry on the cake, St. Basil’s cathedral,  dating from the 16th century. The then tsar believed the building to be so breathtaking, that he ordered for the architect to be blinded  so that he could never emulate his masterpiece. There is so much history hiding behind every door - a true paradise for history lovers.

Transport as you’ve never known it

Who'd have thought that a tram ride could be the highlight of a city break? It is in Moscow! Moscow’s tram stations are among the world’s finest and have art deco ceilings, old chandeliers, marble cladding and magnificent murals. It is so impressive that you question whether you’re actually in a tram station... or a palace!

Discover the culture and visit the theatre for the best performances

Every weekend, the locals don their finest clothes and head over to the opera or ballet. Masterpieces by Mozart and Wagner are in fact deeply rooted in Russian culture and attract young and old alike. A visit to Moscow isn’t complete without a trip to the theatre of all Russian theatres, the Bolshoi. With some 2,500 seats, a performance here is a real spectacle to behold.

Russian nightlife paradise

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russians discovered nightlife. Clubs sprang up on every corner. Bars, huge discos, casinos and even strip shows; whatever it is you’re looking for or want to discover, you’ll find it in Russia! The vibrant nightlife is spread all across the city. Boredom doesn’t even enter the vocabulary here! 

Flight tickets to Moscow from Eindhoven Airport

You can begin your Russian fairy tale from Eindhoven Airport, landing in this iconic city about three hours later. Adventure awaits you! So when will you visit this beautiful city?


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